Warmly caressed here

by the sound of the Sound

I can only imagine

beloved Iona

how they decided together

upon the gift for you

of such a glorious name


William, flight lieutenant

was a pathfinder who

found a way to Margaret's

heart, and perhaps they

heard the sound of the Sound

here as they dreamed of you

beloved Iona


Perhaps the sunlight touched

and warmed his tweed collar

and her specially chosen

holiday dress and maybe

you'll have heard the

soaring cry of the gull

before your newly arrived breath


Over years and years

I shouldn't wonder -

their returnings here and

joy in home from home

and scented, salted, smiling

silence until, oh yes

and no, and no and yes


their departing, thankful

last breathing and your

generous recollection of

their listening, watching

and waiting here. Their

loving engraved in oak that

we now may sit here in awe


pathfinding, beloved Iona