metropolitan city


53 New Oxford Street darling! 

Where have you 

left your memory? 


Oh come on, we only agreed

ten minutes ago you'd take this to

James Smith love

James Who? Smith dear!

You're going to take this to the

international emporium near the


old cobbler and the British

Museum fixed up in half an

hour he says he will


Good as new and while he's fixing

this you could drop your shoes in

next door but one and then


go back and buy a sword stick too

that would do you just nicely love

help your balance a nice

sword stick would fashioned with a

polished bone handle out of a pattern

from 1832 - two years after he opened

Who? James Smith love!

Where have you 

left your memory?

And you'd think that that James Smith and

his Sons made those sword sticks especially

for you


always liking something smart and

dashing just like you do and it'll be

good to have the umbrella done love

because at the Palace on Thursday we'll

have right good fun but the radio says it'll

rain on Their Majesties and if on


them then on us too so maybe not a nice new

sword stick my lovely - we'd do better with a

second big brolly

London New Oxford Street

James Smith and Sons on a plaque by the door

Founded 1832 or was it 1834?


No - 1830 it was 

Very jolly 



ancient and modern 

sword sticks

bone handle repairs 


right by the cobblers

Come on then fella

James Who?

53 New Oxford Street darling! 

Where have you 

left your memory?